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  • What should I contact if the website does not work properly?

    Please call us on +31 6 84 77 54 50 or email us at  and we will be able to assist you.

  • How long can I recieve my goods?

    We have made the necessary changes to ensure your shopping experience is not impacted, meaning delivery time frames will remain unaffected.

    Once you have selected your products, please refer to the checkout for delivery timescales specific to your shipping address.

  • Are you shipping from outside the Holland now?

    Orders will be fulfilled within Holland.

  • Do I need to pay the return fee?

    NICHECOLOUR will pay all returning fee if there is any quality problems. If the goods have no quality problem, then the buyer pays for the return. 

  • What is your seven days return policy?

    1. Within seven days from the date of receipt of the commodities, the buyer may apply to the seller for returning or replacing the commodities without any reason within seven days if the commodities are in good condition and supported without any reason within seven days.

    The seven-day period starts from zero o 'clock on the next day after the buyer signs for the goods, 168 hours is seven days. The time of the buyer signing for the goods is subject to the time of logistics signing for the goods.

    2. The commodities returned by the buyer shall be in good condition.

    Intact commodity refers to the commodity can maintain the original quality and function, including the commodity itself, packaging, accessories and attached trademark tags, operating instructions, etc. The good condition of the goods shall not be affected if the buyer opens the package of the goods for inspection or conducts a reasonable and appropriate trial to confirm the quality and function of the goods. The use of goods beyond the requirements of inspection and trial use, resulting in significant value degradation of the goods, shall be regarded as unsound goods.